Why are Cork Footbeds So Fantastic

Cork has been an integral part of shoe design and manufacturing since the ancient Greeks ( 1600 a 1100 years B.C.).  Today we are seeing more and more Cork footbed shoes and sandals than ever.  With the sky rocketing popularity of Birkenstock cork shoes are now almost in everyone's wardrobe. Cork Trees Why Cork? and Why is cork sooo comfortable? And where does it  come  from?  Cork grows naturally in only two areas of the world: the Mediterranean region of Europe – particularly the Iberian Peninsula, where Portugal and Spain produce more than 80% of the world's cork – and Northwest Africa. Cork is a renewable resource ( will get to that later), is flame retardant and has the ability to recover 90% of it's shape (after 24 hours) after being compressed by 14000 lb/ square inch, that is the estimated weight of a T- Rex just to give you a visual.  That is one extremely strong cushion. Cork is the bark harvested from the  Cork tree and it takes about 8 years after a harvest for the bark to grow back to harvesting thickness again.  It takes about 20 years for the trees to mature and once the tree is in prime harvesting it can produce 500 lbs of cork. So, why are they just so comfy?  Well that comes down to design and thickness of the cork.  Cork can be shaped into many different contours allowing for the footbeds to meet all the contours of your feet plus provide [...]

6 Ways to Wear Red!

Red. It’s powerful, it’s sexy, and goodness, it’s perfect for lifting your mood. Think about how fabulous you feel when you apply your favourite crimson lipstick. Slipping your toes into scarlet shoes has the same effect (and you need not reapply after lunch!). Every gal needs a go-to red shoe for those days when she’s feeling a little lacklustre. How do you like to wear it? 1. Burnished! The burnished leather of Giada by Cobb Hill makes this a great little slip on. The durable nature of soft leather makes this shoe polished and perfect for every occasion. These heels could see you to brunch, a party or a day shopping with the girls, they’re always up for a good time. 2. Funky! Between the vibrant colour and the wedge heel this is a statement boot. Pair these boots with: your favourite grey leggings and tunic a crisp white shirt to lift even the dullest days at work your go-to comfortable jeans for a cute lunch date. 3. Bold! Smart, Sassy and comfortable, what more could you ask for? Shannon is a great boot that can be worn with dresses, dress pants or jeans. From day to night she covers everything. 4. Tall! Leap tall buildings? How about just look and feel like a million bucks. Boston has that classic sleek look but a hint of fun at the same time. The wine colour is rich and [...]


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