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    Fluevog – Timbuktu

    A modern Wonder with old world charm, The Timbuktu is unlike any other lace-up heel you’ve seen before. Crafted exquisitely in Peru, these classy keepers feature simple but achingly beautiful brogue detailing around the topline and facing with contrast leather underneath. They will have you at ‘Hello’ with their smooth nappa leathers, specialty materials and 2.5" leather wrapped heel. You are a natural wonder. Made in Peru Smooth nappa and floral tapestry material Metal eyelets Flat cotton laces Leather soles Leather wrapped 2.5" heel with a tunite heel lift
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    Fluevog – Asante

    A Family that inspires newfangled good looks and above all, thankfulness, The Wearevers have been given a slight space age makeover! Now with a redesigned, curvier 2" painted heel, The Asante is a contemporary Wearever with lots of fresh character and an appreciation for progress. Faux wraparound straps with a square buckle give the illusion of avant-garde styling while an inside zip keeps things nice and practical. Wearever you go, give thanks. 
    • Made in Portugal
    • Soft and nappa leathers
    • Leather wrapped buckle
    • Rubber soles
    • Painted 2" heel with a rubber heel lift
    • Reheelable
  • During a recent trip to Berlin, where John was initially drawn by the burgeoning modern art scene, he found himself mesmerized by the ultra-functional urbanity. After seeing many architectural inspirations, John drew up the designs for a simple, but functional chelsea bootie on the comfy custom molded Wearever sole. Featuring smooth grained, veggie-tanned leathers and a pebbled strap on a sturdy 2" heel, the Danke will walk with you, wearever you roam.


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