Walk the Coast Covid – 19 Plan


    • Currently due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Walk the Coast is open reduced hours


    • Monday – Friday 10-5


    • Saturday 10-4

We have put in place new procedures in order to provide a safe work environment for our staff and shopping experience for our customers.

Social Distancing:

Our staff will be practicing Social Distancing, and will only break the 6 ft rule when the customer is masked and the staff are masked and wearing a shield.  We are unable to provide masks at this time due to availability. This means we can’t check your toes in your shoes, but we can ask you to remove the line of the shoe and stand on it for verification. We can’t help with zippers or pin pants for hem lengths. We will advise you to the best of our ability as to the fit and the technology available in the shoes that you are trying on.  At this time all customers must have a mask on as per the Provincial Health Guidlines.

Store Limits:
Currently we are a maximum of 8 people inside the store – this includes staff. You may find our doors closed and locked at times until we can accommodate more people into the store. We ask that you wait in the foyer until we reopen the door.
There are 3 customers only are allowed in the clearance area at any given time.

Trying Shoes ON:
You are welcome to try shoes on as long as you have a sock or nylon on. You cannot walk around and try on samples shoes.  We can no longer provide try on socks for general use,  please bring your own hiking, running socks when appropriate.  We do have single use Nylons available for everyone to use.

Trying Clothing ON:
You are welcome to try clothing on; we ask that you please leave all unwanted clothing in the change room for us to pick up. All clothing will be rehung and steamed.

All our debit card machines are cleaned after each use. The change rooms are sanitized after each use. The store’s high touch areas will be sanitized twice a day.
Cleaning Product: Ver2Go Saber Hydrogen Peroxide BioCleaner/ Disinfectant. This cleaner has no odor and is approved by the CDC.

Bathrooms: Are currently closed for public use at this time.

If you are not comfortable coming into the store we welcome you to shop at www.walkthecoast.ca and we can do pickup or ship if needed.

We are actively adjusting this program as we configure how we move forward and we will be posting adjustments to the plan as time goes on. Thank you for your patience and support as we figure out our way through this new normal.