Shoe Sales in the Time of Covid 19
How to sell shoes while staying safe?

Well the devil is in the details. This little bit of protein and fat is viable for quite a few days on hard surfaces and clothing but, it is also fragile too. If you get it with the right stuff at the right strength then you can essentially break it down – you can’t kill it (it wasn’t alive in the first place).
So, what we are doing here at WTC is making sure that we clean everything with a chemical cleaner or steam, practice Social Distancing and isolating product once it has been tried on for a period of time to make sure that there is no virus on the clothing or footwear. I am using a chemical cleaner to clean shoes as well as steam when appropriate.
Isolated try ons – what are they and how do they work?

Need a new pair of runners? Or are those flips totally destroyed? Here is what you can do. Pre shop us online and then send us a message or phone us to set up a time to come to the store. I am happy to discuss with you what you need. I then do shop personal shopping for you and prepare a selection of shoes based on our discussion. At your appointment you will be allowed to enter the store foyer where you will find a chair the shoes you want to try on and a pair of gloves. Please bring your own try on socks for athletic footwear. I will be standing quite a distance away and I will advise you on what to try on and in what order. Please do not touch product that I haven’t asked you to try on if there is a selection of shoes. The less you try on the less I have to clean and isolate (which means I can’t sell it).
If there is nothing that fits and I can’t find anything else for you then you can leave through the front door and please take the gloves with you. If it is a happy shoe day you will then be asked to step up to the front desk and not touch anything inside the store. We will then process your transaction and I will hand you the boxes to the shoes along with your receipt tucked inside the box. I am afraid at this time you will have to box your own shoes (I hate this part) and head home.

I am so thankful to all the people who have reached out to us and let us know that they need something. I am happy to help if anyone needs anything!
Take care and be safe.