• Noora Charcoal Noora is part of our Romantic collection.  She has a deep toe box and a 2 inch extended heel for increased arch support.  She does fit a little on the short side but  she has tons of cushion to protect the forefoot.
  • Bewitch Floral Bootie Bewitch is part of our Fall Romatic Collection by L'Artisite.  She is the epitome of femininity and grace.  With a  2.5 inch heel  and lots of cushioning she is a dressy boot that can be worn for hours and hours. These boots do fit on the narrow side and a little on the short side as well.
  • L Eguine Tan Boot   Layers of Neutrals upon layers of neutrals with a great plaid  upper.  She fits a medium width foot, but the laces allow for a wider calf accommodation.
  • Fury in Grey Fury in Grey is artwork in footwear.  She has oodles of cushion in the forefoot but does fit on the narrow short side of things.   2 1/4 inch heel height with lace up closure.  The winter branch motif on the top of the shoe  adds a delicate unique pattern to this lovely shoe.


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