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Why are Cork Footbeds So Fantastic

Cork has been an integral part of shoe design and manufacturing since the ancient Greeks ( 1600 a 1100 years B.C.).  Today we are seeing more and more Cork footbed shoes and sandals than ever.  With the sky rocketing popularity of Birkenstock cork shoes are now almost in everyone's wardrobe. Cork Trees Why Cork? and Why is cork [...]

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Shoe Fittings During Covid – 19

Shoe Sales in the Time of Covid 19 How to sell shoes while staying safe? Well the devil is in the details. This little bit of protein and fat is viable for quite a few days on hard surfaces and clothing but, it is also fragile too. If you get it with the right stuff at the right strength then [...]

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6 Ways to Wear Red!

Red. It’s powerful, it’s sexy, and goodness, it’s perfect for lifting your mood. Think about how fabulous you feel when you apply your favourite crimson lipstick. Slipping your toes into scarlet shoes has the same effect (and you need not reapply after lunch!). Every gal needs a go-to red shoe for those days when she’s feeling a little lacklustre. How [...]

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